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Victim Offender Mediation Association

Justice Connections

An initiative supported in its first year by VOMA, NAFCM, and PRASI. Ongoing publication continues to be a collaboration of VOMA, PRASI and other organizations.

  • Justice Connections No.1 Summer 2006
    "Community Mediation AmeriCorps Program: Meeting Conflict Resolution Needs in Communities" by Joanne Galindo; "NAFCM, PRASI and VOMA inaugurate joint publication and start collaborative operations"; "Milwaukee’s Benedict Center Organizes Neighborhood-based Community Justice" by Kit McNally; "Restitution: It’s Not Just About Money" by Sheri Gatts; "Surrogate Circles for Domestic Violence Survivors, Offenders and Leaders" by Janine Geske, Anne Varichak and Kyle Leighton; "AmeriCorps Members Use Mediation Skills to Help Heal New Orleans" by Sabrina Dove; "An AmeriCorps Member’s Experience...so far" by Cynthia Randall; Institutionalizing Restorative Justice review by Russ Immarigeon; "New Resources for the Practice of Restorative Justice" by Russ Immarigeon; "Building Relationships across Race, Ethnic Differences: VOMA and PRASI Collaborative Training Restorative Justice and Anti-Racism Training Work" by Millicent Carvalho; "We Need Our Conflicts to Make Us Strong" by Jarem Sawatsky
  • Justice Connections No.2 Fall 2006
    "Neighbor and Peer Mediation Help to Preserve Social Order" by Martin Wright; Organizational Update: Working Together for Shared Interests; "Facilitating a Collaborative Inter-Agency Effort" by Laura Branca and Kirby Edmonds; "The Power Of Place: Mediating in the Neighborhood Where the Dispute Occurs" by Caroline Harmon; Silently Silenced: Essays on the Creation of Acquiescence in Modern Society Review by Russ Immarigeon; "The Challenges of Restorative Justice for a Juvenile Probation Officer" by Lance F. Kelley; "Restorative Justice Speaking Tour in Argentina and Chile" by Marty Price; "The Long Horizon Of Identity and Change" by Jarem Sawatsky
  • Justice Connections No.3 winter 2006-7
    "People’s Law” and Restorative Justice: The Success of Circle Sentencing in New South Wales" by Suneeti Rekhari; "Restorative Justice: The View From My Window" by Kay Pranis; "Meeting Offenders: How A Restorative Justice Program Changed A Robbery Victim’s Life" by Tanya Nelson; "Restorative Justice, Non-Violence And The Next Generation of Young People" by Vickie Shoap; "Crime And Morality and The Safety Utopia," reviews by Russ Immarigeon; "New Resources For The Practice Of Mediation And Restorative Justice" by Russ Immarigeon; "Community Mediation Challenges Bring Blessings, Stifle Burnout" by Patrick Michael Wolff
  • Justice Connections No.4 Spring 2007
    "Making Sense of North American and South African Differences in the Practice of Restorative Justice" by Susan Sharpe and George Lai Thom; "Recent Developments Among Our Partners"; "Fourteen Months in a FEMA Field Office: A Special Kind of Community Mediation" by Linda Baron; "Restorative Justice in Controversial Settings" by Martin Wright; "The Twig" a poem by by Gary Moore; Case Study "The Death and Resurrection of a Catholic Parish in Post-Katrina New Orleans" by Orissa Arend; "New Resources for the Practice of Restorative Justice" by Russ Immarigeon; "Handbook of Restorative Justice" review by Russ Immarigeon; "Co-mediation: Two Heads are Better than One" by Barbara Timmons Strahl; "Mediation and Activism: Beyond the "Salvage” Paradigm?" by Deepika Marya; book reviews.
  • Justice Connections No.5 Winter 2007
    "From Persons to Peoples: Accountability and Getting to the Roots of Harm" by Denise Breton; "Recent Developments Among Our Partners"; VOMA adopts the name International Association for Restorative Justice and Dialogue http://iarjd.org; "Learning from the Past and Repositioning the Future: Family Group Conferences in Contemporary Practice" by Marie Connolly; "Learning to Improve Therapeutic and Other Practices" by Duane Ruth-Heffelbower; book review Peacemaking: Reflections of a Radical Criminologist by Russ Immarigeon; "New Resources for the Practice of Restorative Justice" by Russ Immarigeon;
  • Justice Connections No.6 Summer 2008
    "Integrating Fennell's Four Phase Treatment Model within Restorative Justice Practices" by Jon S. Rice and Patricia A. Fennell; "New Directions" by Barbara Raye; "Restorative Justice is a Mandated Component of Hawai`i's Reentry System" by Kat Brady and Lorenn Walker; "Beyond an 'Accepted Vision' of Restorative Justice" by Federico Reggio; "Expanding the Borders of Restorative Justice" by Darrell L. Puls; "Aboriginal Justice in Canada" book reviews by Russ Immarigeon

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