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Victim Offender Mediation Association

Jobs Wanted

VOMA members may post their résumé or job wanted announcements here by sending them to the Webmaster. The Webmaster will edit and format the listing as he deems appropriate. The latest listing is at the top. Your listing can move to the top by being refreshed with new information. Anonymous listings are available on request, and the Webmaster will transmit inquiries directly to the poster. Those interested in contacting someone who has posted information should correspond directly with the poster. With the exception of anonymous posters the Webmaster knows only what is published here.

Our first resume poster reports that she has a new job. Congratulations!

"VOMA is an organization I have long admired and supported. The good work they do is a credit to ADR professionals everywhere and the website provides excellent support and community. That support has extended to offering to post the resumes of ADR professionals. I saw the announcement on VOMA's website a few months ago and decided to submit my resume. It was posted within 24 hours. The volume of interest I received as a result was impressive and productive. As an indirect result, I am now employed with New York State Dispute Resolution Association as their Director of Education and Professional Development. Thank you VOMA!" --Nancy Peterson, B.A.Med.

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