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Victim Offender Mediation Association

Training and Technical Assistance Opportunities

The Victim Offender Mediation Association is pleased to announce the implementation of a Training and Technical Assistance Program. The program is designed to provide selected training and technical assistance services for VOMA members as well as professionals in the field of victim offender mediation, victim services, law enforcement, criminal justice, education, community leadership, law and others.

VOMA's members have trained thousands of professionals both nationally and internationally through our International Conference and Workshops. With the implementation of this program, members will not have to wait of the annual conference to benefit from these trainings and the expertise of VOMA members and others from whom we have benefited over the years.

The training opportunities are designed to help members not only solve problems but also develop staff and community members to implement the concepts of restorative justice and dialogues.

The goals of the program are:

  1. Expand and deepen the practice of RJ and RJ dialogue
  2. Increase access to training by practitioners and other interested persons.
  3. Better identify, utilize, and share the knowledge and resources of VOMA members
  4. Provide affordable and excellent services to VOMA member, restorative justice practitioners/advocates, and communities
  5. Build a revenue-generating program for VOMA and its members built on mission
  6. Add value to the benefits of being a VOMA member Services include:
  7. Training based on RJ principles and practice relevant to starting, sustaining and operating successful RJ program.
  8. Technical assistance and organization consulting on topics relevant to VOMA members and other RJ practitioners and programs.

Training Schedule:

Trainings will be offered beginning in 2003. Look for more information in the winter issue of the Connections newsletter and the VOMA website. Some of you may be interested in becoming VOMA Training and Technical Assistance Associates. To ensure that you receive all information related to the program and to the orientation session for Associates, contact the VOMA office: 612-874-0570 or email voma@voma.org.

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