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Victim Offender Mediation Association

VOMA Connections Quarterly newsletter

  • VOMA Connections No. 23 Spring 2006 in PDF. "Nevada Program Uses Mediation to Assist the Homecoming of Released Prisoners" by Barbara Timmons Strahl; "Hurricane Katrina, Environmental Racism & Restorative and Community Justice" by C. Holly Denning; "Restorative Justice Defuses Conflicts Surrounding Middle School Riot" by Patrick Wolff; "Navajo Nation Peacemaking: Living Traditional Justice" review by Russ Immarigeon; "Culture as Seedbed of Change" (second of four parts) by Jarem Sawatsky; "New Resources for the Practice of Restorative Justice" by Russ Immarigeon
  • VOMA Connections No. 22 Winter 2005-2006 in PDF. "Restorative Justice and its Paradoxes" by George Pavlich; "Developing Restorative Justice in Missouri" by Nina Balsam; "VOMA Explores Transition Options"; "Restorative Justice: Imagining the Possibilities"; "The Concept of Restorative Justice in African Traditional Heritage" by Doreen Jemutai Ruto; "Justice That Heals and Transforms" by Jarem Sawatsky; "New Resources for the Practice of Restorative Justice" by Russ Immarigeon; "Restorative Justice Roots in Indian Popular Culture and Gandhian Philosophy" by Rina Kashyap; "Working with Judges to Affect Change in the Criminal Justice System" by William T. Preston and Greg D. Richardson; "International Perspectives on Restorative Justice" review by Russ Immarigeon
  • VOMA Connections No. 21 Fall 2005 in PDF. "Restorative Justice in the 21st Century: A Social Movement Full of Opportunities and Pitfalls" by Mark Umbreit, Betty Vos and Bob Coates; "Restorative Justice: The Gap Between Vision and Practice" by Harmon L Wray; "E Makua Ana Youth Circles: A Transition Planning Process for Youth Exiting Foster Care" by Lorenn Walker; "New Resources for the Practice of Restorative Justice" by Russ Immarigeon; "Restoring Schools: A Case of School Accountability Boards" by Sandra O’Brien, Ph.D.; "Historical Accounts of Restorative Justice" by Russ Immarigeon
  • VOMA Connections No. 20 Summer 2005 in PDF. "Afrocentric Restorative Justice; Restorative Justice: A Report from El Salvador"; "New Resources for the Practice of Restorative Justice"; "New Zealand Groups Issue Guidelines on Best Practices for Restorative Justice Processes"; Book Review: Kathleen Daly on Restorative Justice
  • VOMA Connections No. 19 Winter 2005 in PDF. "Community Involvement in Restorative Justice" by Martin Wright, assisted by Orlane Foucault; Search for Restorative Justice History Leads Back into the Future by Russ Immarigeon; Parallel Justice: a new framework for providing justice to crime victims by Susan Herman and Michele Webster; Victim Offender mediation Media Coverage has both Advantages and Pitfalls (the Oprah show) By Susan J. Szmania, Ph.D.; 2004 Mini-Grants Awarded; Recent Advances in VOMA Management Services by Dale R. Landry, Barbara Raye, and Leslie Young; "Resources for Restorative Justice" by Russ Immarigeon
  • VOMA Connections No. 18 Fall 2004 in PDF. Uploaded April 13, 2005.
    "Why Victims Choose to Meet with Offenders" by Robert B. Coates, Heather Burns, and Mark S. Umbreit; “Simple Society” Statements Focus on Restorative vs. Retributive Justice; "For New Zealand Green Party, Restorative Justice Targets Prison Population Reduction and Other Anti-Crime Measures" by Green Party of Aotearoa/New Zealand.
  • VOMA Connections No. 17 Summer 2004 in PDF. Uploaded July 13, 2004.
    "Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence Resolution in Thailand" by Angkana Boonsit, Ron Claasen and Suwatchara Piemyat; "New Zealand City Establishes Restorative Justice Library Collection" by Leslie Clague; "Welcome! New VOMA Board Members" by Claire Harris
  • VOMA Connections No. 17 Insert Summer 2004 in PDF. Uploaded July 13, 2004.
    "Mediation and Reconciliation in the Context of War, Prison and Political Aggression" a training to be offered August 5, 2004 as part of the FOR conference in which VOMA is joining.
  • VOMA Connections No. 16 Winter 2003-2004 in PDF. Uploaded February 25, 2004.
    "Empathic Encounter: The Relationship Between Self-Reported Empathy, Process, and Outcome in a Restorative Justice Program" by Harrison Braxton; "Parents are a Missing Link in Restorative Justice Processes' by Carolyn McLeod; "Can Drug Courts & Restorative Justice Co-exist?" by Russ Immarigeon; "How Can Victim Offender Mediation Challenge Social Injustice?" by Lois Presser; "Reflections on Restorative Justice in South Africa and Serbia" by Marian Liebmann; "The State of Restorative Justice" by Russ Immarigeon; book reviews.
  • VOMA Connections No. 15 Fall 2003 in PDF. Uploaded October 21, 2003.
    "Models of Criminal Justice Ministry and Resistance" by Harmon L. Wray; "Conferences and Membership Maintain Restorative Justice Values" by Susan Wiese; Book Review: A Restorative Justice Reader by Russ Immarigeon; "VOMA in Romania" by Barbara Raye, Annie Warner Roberts and Susan Wiese; "Legislative Statutes on Victim Offender Mediation: A National Review" by Mark Umbreit, Elizabeth Lightfoot and Johnathan Fier; "Why sentencing circles might improve the way courts communicate" by Peg Christian; Book reviews.
  • VOMA Connections No. 14 Spring 2003 in PDF. Uploaded July 11, 2003.
    "Critical issues in restorative justice: Aotearoa New Zealand" by Shirley Zülich; "Victim Offender dialogue in violent cases: the Texas and Ohio experience" by Mark Umbreit, Betty VOS, Robert Coates and Kathy Brown; "The use of restorative justice to address structural oppression" by Isla Roona; "Listening to prisoners raises issues about prison-based restorative justice" by Barb Toews; "The beginning of a partnership" by Sue Wiese, Barbara Raye and Ann Warner Roberts.
  • VOMA Connections No. 13 Winter 2003 in PDF. Uploaded March 10, 2003.
    "Safe Schools: Strategies for Changing a Culture," by Catherine Bargen; "Restorative Practices in Schools: An Antidote to Zero Tolerance," by Ted Wachtel; "Anti-Bullying Program Aims to Shift Culture in Schools: Is This Restorative Justice in Action?" by Jane Riese; "A Whole School Approach to Restorative Justice" by Belinda Hopkins; "Aides, Administrators and All the Teachers You Can Get," by Nancy Riestenberg; "School-based Restorative Justice — Context and Practice," by Russ Immarigeon.
  • VOMA Connections 13 Research and Practice Insert.
    "Restoring School Communities: A Report on the Colorado Restorative Justice in Schools Program," by Alice Ierley and Carin Ivker.
  • VOMA Connections No. 12 Autumn 2002 in PDF. Uploaded December 17, 2002.
    "Restorative Justice & Sexual Abuse, Wiping Away the Tears: A Faith Community Responds to Clergy Sexual Abuse in the Roman Catholic Church," by the Albany Catholic Worker Community (Albany, New York); Howard Zehr, "Critical Issues in Restorative Justice: An Inadequate and Overlapping Outline"; Catherine Bargen, "Describing Restorative Justice, Restorative Justice: Expanding our Approach"; Russ Immarigeon, "Restorative Justice Comes from Many Quarters"; "Canadian Conference Explores Critical Restorative Justice Issues"; Phyllis Turner Lawrence, "Funding Restorative Justice"
    VOMA Connections 12 Research and Practice Insert.
    Robert Coates, Mark Umbreit, and Betty Vos, "A Case Study of Developing a Systemic Approach toward Restorative Justice in Washington County, Minnesota">
  • VOMA Connections No. 11 Summer 2002 in PDF. Uploaded October 19, 2002.
    Barb Toews, "Listening to prisoners raises issues about prison-based restorative justice"; Chris Graveson, "How the police and youth court coordinators contribute to the effectiveness of New Zealand Family Group Conferences"; Ron Claassen, "First Restorative Justice Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel, May 1-2, 2002"; Russ Immarigeon, "Restorative Justice Gains Widespread Attention"
    VOMA Connections 11 Research and Practice Insert.
    Martin Wright, "The Paradigm of Restorative Justice."
  • VOMA Connections No. 10 Spring 2002 in PDF. (Note: 1.19 MB file.)
    David Benedicktus and Laura Wood, "Local Government Partnerships Help Integrate the Victim Offender Mediation Program in Clark County, Washington"; Jarem Sawatsky, "A Shared JustPeace Ethic: Uncovering Restorative Values"; Barbara Raye, "Commitment to Diversity Requires Safe Places for Continual Learning"; Kay Pranis, "Telling Our Stories and Changing Our Lives"; Mark Umbreit, Ph.D. and Heather Burns, M.S.W., book review of Victim Offender Mediation in Europe: Making Restorative Justice Work; VOMA Board, "A Restorative Response to Terrorism"
    VOMA Connections 10 Research and Practice Insert.
    Marian Liebmann, "Victims and Restorative Justice Around the Globe" Uploaded May 28, 2002.
  • VOMA Connections No. 9 Autumn 2001 in PDF. Uploaded September 26, 2001. (Note: 528k file.)
    Kathleen Bird and Mary Ellen Reimund, "RJ Dialogue Processes Are They Confidential?"; David Dyck, "Core Principles of Case Development for Victim Offender Conferencing"; VOMA welcomes new administrators; VOMA conference news; Fall Preview of New Restorative Justice Books.
    Special insert to Connections 9, Robert B. Coates, Ph.D, Mark S. Umbreit, Ph.D, Betty Vos, Ph.D., "Restorative Justice Circles in South St. Paul, Minnesota"
  • VOMA Connections No. 8 Winter 2001 in PDF. Uploaded January 11, 2001. (Note: 1.38 MB file)
    Irene Ratner, "Recognizing Bias is Important Focus for RJ Dialogue Practitioners"; Doerfler and Elton, "VOMA Develops 3-Year Strategic Plan"; Kerrie Naylor, Ph.D. and Kathy M. Elton, MPA, "Truancy Mediation: Helping Youth to Stay in School"; photos of 17th Annual Training Institute and Conference in Minnetonka, Minnesota
  • VOMA Connections No. 7 Autumn 2000 in PDF. Uploaded October 12, 2000.
    Phyllis Turner-Lawrence, "Dialogue with Offenders Produces Potential Value for Victims"; restorative justice and victim offender mediation on the World Wide Web; Tara Ronayne and Stephanie Saybyan, "Minnesota Juvenile Arson Conference"; VOM Trial in Sweden.
  • VOMA Connections No. 6 Summer 2000 in PDF. (Note: 1.7 MB file)
    Kay Pranis, "Face to Face Public Spaces: Reflective Community Dialogue Helps Create New Community Standards"; Peg Christian, "Colorado Community Survey: A Pathway to Restorative Practices Survey results are useful for community presentations, grant writing, and the development of a VOM Program"; Phyllis Turner-Lawrence, "Devastating Experience Leads Victim to Advocacy and Restorative Justice Profession"; Ken Webster, "Thames Valley Police Facilitate Restorative Conferences United Kingdom Case Studies Exemplify Victim Offender and Community Processes."
  • VOMA Connections No. 5 Spring 2000 in PDF.
    Marian Liebmann, "Traveling VOM & Conference Training Advances Restorative Justice in Russia"; Katrien Lauwaert and Ivo Aertsen, "European VOM Forum Draws Participants From 27 Countries"; Martin McAnallen, "Northern Ireland Case Studies: Victims Appreciate Opportunities to Express Feelings."
  • VOMA Connections No. 4 Fall 99 in PDF.
    Mary Achilles and Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz, "Victim Services and VOM Programs: Can They Work Together"; Mark Umbreit, "Research & Resources Review"; Marty Price, "Mexico Mediation Training Institute Includes Restorative Justice and VOM"; Doris Luther, "Convenience Store Robbery Case Study."
  • VOMA Connections No. 3 Summer 99 in PDF.
    William R. Nugent, Ph.D., Mark S. Umbreit, Ph.D, Lizabeth Wiinamaki, and Jeff Paddock, "Participation in Victim-Offender Mediation Reduces Recidivism"; "VOM Cases Featured on TV News Programs"; Carol Lavery and Mary Achilles, "Apologies: Balancing the Needs of Victims and Offenders"; Sarah Reichwald, "Defining Success in Mediation."
  • VOMA Connections No. 2 Spring 99 in PDF.
    "Fundraising for the Future"; Kathleen Bird, "Juvenile Justice Grants Particularly Suited to Initial Program Development: JJDP Pilot Program for VOM"; Karen Wright, "Overview of Funding Sources"; Mark Umbreit, "Humanistic Mediation: Creation of a Safe, if not Sacred, Place can Foster Direct Dialogue among the Parties"; Carol Sullivan, "California Restorative Justice Project: Strategic Prevention and Intervention Efforts Build Healthy Aspects of Youth, Family and Community"; Lois Kenagy, "In Memory of Roy Allen: A Negligent Homicide Case Study"; David Moore, "Conflict Transformation Theory: Australian Community Conferencing Model Moves Into the Workplace"; Dorothy Barg-Neufeld, "Victim Sensitivity Awareness Training: Winnipeg Pilot Program Explores Journey of Victims of Homicide and Violent Crime."
  • VOMA Connections No. 1 Winter 98/99 in PDF.
  • VOMA Connections No. 1 Winter 98/99 in HTML.
    Jean E. Greenwood and Mark S. Umbreit, "National Survey of Victim Offender Mediation Programs in the US"; Jean Greenwood, "What Makes Mediation Meaningful for Participants?: A Look at Underlying Principles of Victim Offender Mediation"; Maureen Holen and Joanne Lescher, "VOP Program in Oregon Combines VOM and Criminal Thinking Error Training"; Becky Glessner, "VOM Network Helps Programs in Pennsylvania."
  • VOMA Quarterly Spring 1998 in PDF.
  • VOMA Quarterly Spring 1998 in HTML
    Eric Ian Shank, "Restorative Justice in Russia"; Patrick M. Wolff, "Restorative Justice Buzzes Around Guam"; Anna Costanza Baldry, Melania Scali, Laura Volpini, "Mediation in the Italian Juvenile Justice System: A Mediation Service Project."
  • VOMA Quarterly Winter 1998 in PDF
  • VOMA Quarterly Winter 1998 in HTML
    David Lerman, "Restorative Justice and Jewish Law"; Trish Charo and Barb Toews, "Training for Trainers"; Mark Umbreit, Direct & Indirect Mediation: Implications for Expanded Restorative Justice Practice."
  • VOMA Quarterly Fall 1997 in PDF
  • VOMA Quarterly Fall 1997 in HTML
    Ruth Zimmerman, "Family Group Conferencing"; Gerard Palk, "Conferencing in New Zealand and Australia"; Tony F. Marshall, "Criminal Justice Conferencing Calls for Caution"; Beverly Moore, "Small Group Conferencing in Minnesota: A VOMA Interview with Carolyn McLeod."
  • VOMA Quarterly Spring 1997 in PDF
  • VOMA Quarterly Spring 1997 in HTML
    David Doerfler, "Victim Offender Mediation/Dialogue Program Victim Services, Texas Department of Criminal Justice"; Warren Ostler, "An IN-System VOMP"; Kay Pranis, "Communities and the Justice System: Turning the Relationship Upside Down."
  • VOMA Quarterly, Fall-Winter 1996 in HTML
    Mark Umbreit, "A Humanistic Mediation Model"; Marty Price, "Victim Offender Mediation: A Road Somewhat Traveled."

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