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Victim Offender Mediation Association

Membership Services

  • Agency members receive a discount on registration for all program personnel who attend the annual conference and other training events.
  • Agency members may receive additional copies of Connections, the VOMA newsletter published four times a year, for distribution among staff, board, and volunteers, up to a total of thirty free copies per agency.
  • Agency members are entitled to a free web page on the VOMA web site. The URL for your page is http://www.voma.org/yourorg. To take advantage of this benefit send your information to duanerh@fresno.edu. If you already have a web site, send us your URL for a link on our links page, and feel free to use this nifty button to link back to us. Nifty VOMA link-back button. - jpg - 2095 Bytes
  • All members are eligible to participate in the Grants Program.
  • All members receive a subscription to Connections, the VOMA newsletter published four times a year.
  • All members may use the Web site to post job openings, to post their résumés or jobs wanted announcements, to post trainings they offer, to post requests for proposals for training.
  • All members receive the Annual Directory which gives names and addresses of VOMA members and contacts along with descriptive agency information. This list is available to members on the Web in standard sorting and state sorting. A password is required to open the document. This password is given to members.
  • All members are eligible to participate in VOMAlist, an email discussion listserve available to members only, for discussion of issues relating to the work of VOMA members. Click here to subscribe to VOMAlist. Subscription requests have to be manually checked against the membership roster, so there can be a delay in activating your subscription. You can learn more about the list and subscribe to it on the web at: http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/vomalist. If you change email addresses or have had email bouncing, you need to resubscribe.
  • All members who provide an email address are automatically subscribed to VOMA Announcements email list for announcements from the VOMA board. It is a one-way list, and the list is open to anyone. Subscribe to our Announcements listserve. If you notice that you get no announcements for a while, re-subscribe. Bouncing email addresses are deleted.
  • Please report any difficulties with any services offered via the Internet to the Webmaster.

Last modified October 28, 2005. Maintained by Duane Ruth-Heffelbower.
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